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Recommended reading 

Privay sources and writes Thought Leadership articles on privacy, collated below:

Books on Privacy

There's an increasing amount of information on Privacy, but here's a short list of things we've enjoyed.

Data and Goliath

This is currently the best introduction to privacy book there is.  It's US-centric and focussed on the Snowden revelations (an artefact of the time it was written).  However, it's clear, calm and thorough about the big questions of privacy and society.

Privacy is Hard

This is more EU-centric and takes some of the questions of Data and Goliath as a given but what really recommends the book si the worked practical examples.

Data Privacy

I think this is the best book on how to do privacy in a technology company.  It's very thorough and discusses a lot of the practical decisions to be made.

The Architecture of Privacy

This is a book whose authors work for Palantir, who know a lot about privacy if mostly from the government side.  It's a little less detailed than Data Privacy but has a good overview of privacy engineering.

The Privacy Engineer's Manifesto

This is the oldest of three books in the technical portion of this list.  So it suffers a little for being the first.  For instance, it doesn't have the knowledge of cloud providers' privacy technologies.  Having said that the discussion of IoT and QA is unsurpassed in the rest of our reading.

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