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Privay helps you manage data privacy, excellently

Privacy Programme Design

We'll set up or retrofit your business unit or organisation to be Privacy match-fit.

Services include:

  • Reviewing current software privacy practices

  • Updating or crafting your privacy policy

  • Redesigning or recommending changes to support regulatory compliance and continuous improvement

Privacy-aware Tooling 

In addition to integrating Privay's flagship Privay Operational Management (POM) application, we also design and create custom privacy-enhancing software in response to specific issue/s such as data breach remediation

Privay will assist organisations in proving compliance and that any identified problems are fixed in a sustaining way, to meet regulatory requirements. 

Privacy Masterclasses

Standard privacy e-learning can be generic and ineffective meaning organisations are unable to adapt to privacy risks. Privay offers specialist Masterclasses for developers and product managers accountable for ensuring that everyday compliance is designed into initiatives. 

Privay's pragmatic approach is designed to optimise learning. Embedding real-world concepts will mitigate waste, time and the costs of any potential rework of solutions misaligned to internal compliance and/or external regulatory requirements. 

Data Breach Remediation

The worst has happened. There's been a data breach You need a dual focus:

  1. Remediating the impacts of the breach as quickly, cost-effectively and transparently as possible;

  2. And rebuilding trust with a sustaining data management approach and privacy management programme.   

Privay's expert team can help with technical recovery, stakeholder communications and ongoing monitoring.

Privay's customised approach 

Privay can help design your approach, respond quickly to a data breach and offer expertise guidance on ensuring product design and development aligns to internal and external privacy requirements. 

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