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About Privay

A story of loss and how Privay was found

From hero to zero with one question: "Tell us about your privacy management approach"

We had worked so hard, for so long to land our first global client.  Everything was going super well, until this question...We probably should have had a better response in place but we didn't; and as a result, we lost the deal.  

Since then, I've been finely even attuned to Data Privacy and have started seeing similar issues and problems in various organisations and don't want anyone else to suffer the same fate as we did by not having a privacy programme in place. 


For 20 of the 25 years I've worked as a CTO and in Technology roles, Data Privacy didn't really matter - and now it does. 

Why? What's changed?

Privacy regulation is increasing, customer sentiments are changing; customer advocacy is becoming more forthright; and unfortunately data privacy management is a human problem, ie so far, people are pretty bad at it.  All of this means we're working in an increasingly complex ecosystem where data breaches, fraud, ransomware and its consequent demands, the loss of customer trust, brand and reputational damage, additional work and rework, layers of cost and rising regulator pressure, are potential outcomes. 


Privay was born to help guide people out of this growing complexity. Robert Postill, CEO and Founder is driven by a genuine desire to help mitigate the multitudinous issues of data privacy.  Robert's a global technology leader, with deep enterprise and startup expertise.  He's renowned for having the loudest laugh in the business; has coached and mentored a generation of technologists; and wants to leave the world a better and safer place. 

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