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Services to help you improve Data Privacy
and Cybersecurity

Our Mission

Helping you manage Private Data without the drama

We're looking to make data privacy accessible, understandable and effortless. At Privay, we understand you have a lot on your plate and that you care about managing data privacy correctly.   We provide services that help you confidently and pragmatically improve your data privacy and cybersecurity.  We don't expect you to be a privacy expert and you aren't going to need lots of staff to work on a management plan. Privay is here to help. 

Privacy Impact Assessments

Are you tired of having conversations like "do we collect that?" or "why did we share that?" but can't seem to help people understand data privacy?  We've been there too. 


Getting a handle on data privacy starts with helping people realise when collection or sharing is incorrect, overly broad or not secured.  Privay's real-world approach helps bridge the gap between privacy training and privacy practice.

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs or DPIAs in GDPR) are a key tool in understanding what you collect and how you will handle it.

Threat Models

A major blindspot in secure software development is defining what threats I should defend against.  Threat models exist to help you gain an understanding of the landscape of your application.  Where are your threats coming from?  What areas of my architecture are weak and prone to attack?  What types of attacks are most likely?  Threat modelling workshops allow you and your teams to take control of the security posture of your applications.  This will allow you to build a shared understanding of the issues you should be addressing and put your resources where they're needed.

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