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Privacy Operations Management (POM)

Why think about Privacy Operations?

How’s your heart rate every time you see yet another organisation whose data has been exposed via a data breach? Are you tired of having conversations like "do we collect that?" or "why did we share that?" but can't seem to help people understand data privacy?  We've been there too.  Getting a handle on data privacy starts with helping people realise when collection or sharing is incorrect, overly broad, or not secured.  And it can be tricky to do.


POM gives you expertise in data privacy 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could invite some expertise into your organisation to help you work through your approach to privacy, without the drama? Or provide some suggestions about how you could potentially improve how to better manage privacy operations on a day-by-day basis?

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How POM helps manage private data without 
the drama

Privay's POM helps you by:

  • Finding private data you might not know you had

  • Helps you work out the risk of that data

  • Helps you place safeguards around that data

  • Ensures your policies and procedures are in line with the data you collect

  • Improving everyday privacy behaviour by alerting when PI data is being shared

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